Franz Frühling

Franz Frühling is happy.
About live.
About his toast, toasted on roasting grade 4.
The chalks are vibrating.
The colors freak out.
Small-sized paintings with jumping toasters, swaying eggcups und lovely buttercans occur.
“Doughty breakfast with green toaster”.
“Luise exaggerates with food combining”.
“Aunt Klara loves teacups with a golden rim”.

Franz Frühling is relaxing,
brushes leisurely,
generously and large-sized.
Cows with big wide eyes.
Sheep, newly in love.
Mickeymice and homunculus.

Franz Frühling is angry.
The particulates are shaking.
Feelings are discharging.
In fat belly and finest faces.
Idiots alone at home.
Fat man eats green pasta in yellow kitchen.
Pure vitality.
Sometimes drama.
A lot of colour.

… and always a little bit of Frühling.